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Without K-Pop, we don’t think we would be even remotely the people we are today. As our group got older, we stopped watching English television and rarely listened to English songs, but our love for K-Pop never disappeared but grew even more. Our first exposure to a K-Pop band was when Big Bang first released their song Haru Haru and it is still one of our favorite songs as of today along with Lies. As a V.I.P, our love for Big Bang will never fade away because they were the first K-Pop group we were exposed to and their songs are so amazing. We've watched them evolve from their debut days until now when they all enlisted in the military and we're really proud of their accomplishments that they have made throughout the years. That was when K-Pop was not even popular unlike today. After that, we started exploring other K-Pop bands like Shinee, Girls Generation, Sistar etc and eventually got exposed to BTS in 2013 with their debut song "No More Dream". We have followed and fell in love with them since the day they debuted because they produce songs that are meaningful, powerful, and touching to many Army's out there and that is because many people can relate to the issues and emotions that they talk about. Don't get me wrong though, we still love the OG K-Pop groups like Big Bang. We are very happy that K-Pop has made me the person that we are today and being able to attend K-Pop concerts and meeting fellow Armys and V.I.Ps is a dream to us.

Made by K-Pop Lovers for K-Pop Lovers

This place has been created by the love and excitement we get every time we listen to K-Pop. We opened this shop because we wanted to spread my love for K-pop and we also wanted our fellow K-Pop lovers to also support their favorite groups and biases. We went ahead and thought about different ideas on what we could do to spread what we would call “love,” but really we am talking about the iPhone cases and other merchandises that you see here. We did lots of research on what we could do within my budget to bring these high quality iPhone cases to you. Our goal this year is to continue bringing you great products but really share what it means to us, dedicating our team to keep growing as a leader and creating a community where all of you can share your ideas and love about and for K-Pop.